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        Fuxin Surer Brake Co., Ltd
        Tel: 0418-2298968 2281166
        Fax: 0418-2298958
        E-mail: surerbrake@163.com
        Website: http://www.traitement-cafards.com
        Address: Liaoning Province, Fuxin Economic Development Zone
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        Fuxin Surer Brake Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful environment in Fuxin, Liaoning Economic and Technological Development Zone and covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, the company already ha s over 1500 bottle of brake pads. We are the manufacturers of professional production of automotive brake pads. We have advanced automatic production lines ,manufacturing and testing equipment, and an elite research team,  Now, it’s annual amount of production reached more than8,000,000sets of brake pads

        Fuxin Surer Brake Co., Ltd. has developed a semi-metal, less metal, ceramic, organic and other high-quality products for a variety of materials with high strength, high temperature, wear-resistant, no pollution, no noise, good stability. characteristics, the technical evaluation, the indexes rank first among similar domestic products to leading water products at the same time by authoritative testing of the Chinese national industry and the tests and the United States AMECA certification and ISO9001 certification. Company can also according to customer requirements required for a variety of design and development, the product of the material to meet different customer groups need

        The Fuxin Surer brake Parts Co., Ltd. is the brake pads manufacturing industry exports more export-oriented private high-tech enterprises. We will continue to strengthen the scientific management and technological innovation, the best quality, best quality service to meet user needs, Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad come to visit the guidance and work together to jointly create a better future.


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        Manufacturer of brake pads,Professional car manufacturer of brake pads