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        Construction and classification of automotive brake pads
        Double-click automatically scroll Author:adminTime:2012-7-23


        Automobile brake pads are generally adhesive insulation and friction blocks, by the steel plate, steel coating to rust-proof coating process with distribution to ensure the quality of the SMT-4 furnace temperature tracker to detect the temperature of the coating process. Which the insulating layer is composed of heat transfer material, the purpose of the insulation. The friction block friction materials, adhesives, brake squeeze on the brake disc or brake drum to produce friction, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and braking. Due to friction, the friction block will gradually wear Generally speaking, the lower the cost of brake pads wear faster. The friction material after the timely replacement of brake pads, otherwise the plate and direct contact with the brake discs will eventually lose braking effect and damage to the brakes.


        Up points from the brake type can be divided into:

        - Brake pads for disc brakes

        - For drum brakes, brake shoes

        - For large trucks to the film

        Points up from the material can be divided into:

        - Resin-based brake materials

        - Powder metallurgy brake materials

        - Carbon / carbon composite brake materials

        - Ceramic Matrix brake materials


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